Preventing Your Water Heater From Bursting

broken_water_heaterWith falling temperatures also comes the risk of frozen pipes, which can lead to your water heater bursting. However, with a few simple precautions, this risk can be completely avoided. Remember, if you are in a freeze prone area you should take these steps early to prevent any substantial damage to your pipes, water heater or home.

You should drain and disconnect any outdoor water hoses. Only one overnight, hard freeze can cause a significant amount of damage. If you detach the hose, the water will drain from the pipe and prevent this damage.

Insulate faucets and pipes that are in areas that are not heated. If you have pipes that are in unprotected areas, such as crawl spaces or garages, these are likely going to be vulnerable to freeze when the temperature plummets.  You can get pipe insulating materials, as well as advice, at your local hardware store about how to prevent the freezing of these pipes.

Seal off any doors, windows, air vent and cracks that may be present. Many times you may overlook a broken window in the basement or cracks in the wall, which can be funnels for winter winds. These can quickly freeze any exposed water pipes, which may lead to a water heater that cannot work and bursts. It is important to fix these issues and not just cover them to avoid your water heater getting good combustion.

You should also know where the master valve for water shutoff is. In many cases this will be located near the washing machine or hot water tank. However, it is usually located where the water line actually enters your home from the street. If a pipe ruptures or an issue occurs with the hot water heater, this is where you would turn off the water. You should tag this valve and make sure that everyone knows where it is in the case of an emergency.

If you still have questions of how you can protect your water heater and pipes, you can call your local water company. There are some companies that prefer you call them for any issues that may arise. However, it is still important to prevent damage to your pipes and ultimately your water heater. The cost of a burst hot water heater can be substantial, especially if it causes flooding in your home.

If you do experience a problem with the water heater at your home, call water heater repair in Shreveport for help. They will be able to provide the knowledgeable services need to repair the problem and ensure that your hot water heater is working in top notch condition. Keep their number handy in case you experience any problems in the future.

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